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In 1985 the drummer Stefan Klemt and guitarist Karl Malm laid the foundation for the band. Karl and Stefan only played together for a year or two but stayed friends over the years while pursuing their careers. In 2009 they decided to start a band again and in 2010, Frances, Stefan's daughter, joined as a singer.


Since then they have played around 60 gigs in the South of Sweden at private events, pubs and festivals. The band has mostly played covers from the 60s and 70s but have recently started to write their own songs.  Their vision is now to take the band to bigger festivals and with the release of their album in 2022, end up on various playlists and receive more streams.


What separates them from other bands is the special connection between the band members, the old friendship and the father and daughter relationship.   They are also known for having an extraordinary energy and passion on stage -  They love to play live!

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